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Our Partners


Municipality of Smooth Rock Falls

14, avenue Prèmiere
Smooth Rock Falls. ON P0L 2B0
(705) 338-2717

Founded in 1929, Smooth Rock Falls is a safe, friendly bilingual community perfect for living and raising a family, as well as for retirement. Our community is always looking for new ways to thrive and we openly welcome entrepreneurs and new businesses.


Northeastern Ontario Family and Children's Services

29 Kolb Avenue
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 1J6
(705) 360-7100

Northeastern Ontario Family and Children's Services is an integrated organization providing services to children, youth and their families in the Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming. Our programs and services tailored to client needs are innovative and evidence-based.


Town of Kapuskasing

88 Riverside Drive
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 1B3
(705) 335-2341

Kapuskasing is the largest community located directly on Highway 11, between Thunder Bay and Temiskaming Shores.


 This town, which has a population of just over 8,100, is surrounded by several small communities such as Opasatika , Val Rita-Harty , Moonbeam , Fauquier-Strickland and Smooth Rock Falls .

This bilingual city offers its residents a healthy lifestyle where opportunities for recreational and cultural activities abound.

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Porcupine Health Unit - Kapuskasing

4 Ash Street
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2C8
(705) 335-6101



Centre de santé communautaire de Kapuskasing et région

27 Kolb Avenue
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 1G2
(705) 337-1201

A leader in primary and community health care, the Center, through its collaborative and innovative approach, offers a variety of services focused on the needs of its clientele while aiming to improve the overall health and well-being of its communities.

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Hearst-Kapuskasing-Smooth Rock Falls Counseling Services

29 Byng Avenue
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 1W6
(705) 335-8468

HKS Counseling Services is a Francophone community organization that helps improve the mental health, well-being and safety of its clients through quality care and services in both official languages.

In addition to the provision of services, the institutional role notably includes that of maintaining the French language, transmitting the Francophone culture and fostering solidarity within the Franco-Ontarian minority.

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Township of Fauquier- Strickland

25 Grzela Street
Fauquier, ON P0L 1G0
(705) 339-2521

The municipality of Fauquier-Strickland includes three communities; Fauquier, Gregoire Mills and Strickland.


The total population of the canton is 590 inhabitants including 257 dwellings following the last census of 2006.


In addition, Fauquier-Strickland is the third largest municipality in the region with an area of ​​1013.54 km2.


Municipality of Val Rita / Harty

2 de l'Église Avenue
Val Rita, ON P0L 2G0
(705) 335-6146

Life in Val Rita-Harty means enjoying the outdoors year-round on its 380 square km of territory.


People get involved here, bring their ideas and give their time to improve the quality of life for all residents.

In our town, we feel a tranquility that is both reassuring and comforting. Our citizens are proud to live here.


We strive to develop a sense of belonging that will solidify the ties that bind us all.


Municipality of Moonbeam

53, St-Aubin Avenue
Moonbeam, ON POL 1V0
(705) 367-2244

The work of the Transcontinental railway from Eastern Canada to the West via Moonbeam was completed in 1912. The search for new land, the desire to seize the land, the need to create a homeland for oneself, the great colonizing spirit of people north of Montreal, Ste-Agathe and St-Jovite, all this brings some explorers here.


The French-Canadian race desired a solid expansion throughout the places newly opened to the cultivation of the land and the exploitation of the mines.

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Township of Opasatika

50, Governement road
Opasatika, ON P0L 1Z0
(705) 369-4531

The Township of Opasatika offers a "Sensational" outdoor lifestyle such as fishing and hunting and access to education, medical services, recreation, shopping, leisure activities and other services in the nearby community of Kapuskasing.

Within the surrounding area of Opasatika, you will find employment opportunities with industrial, retail, commercial and services employers. Opasatika is a great choice for commuters who work in neighboring communities like Kapuskasing, but want the advantages of a home in a rural setting.

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